Your Life Mattered To Me

Sun Setting Behind Clouds with Water Reflection

I knit you in your mother’s womb Each detail lovingly stitched and crafted Every part intentionally placed and chosen Including your beautiful black skin.   I made you to be like Me To bear my image, To rule and reign as my steward In My likeness, I created you with delight And I called you […]

Heart Check by Denise Goosby

Roses in the shape of a heart.

I forget how fragile my heart can be. Not just the one that beats inside my chest. That has its own fragility, yes. If it stops, I cease to exist this side of heaven.   The heart that shepherds my mind, will, and thoughts… Well, it is even more delicate. It has been broken many […]

You’re Worth It To Me

Song Bird - You're Worth It To Me

When you struggle to see yourself as God sees you… (Song/Poem—like a prayer) by Denise Goosby The future is a whirlwind of darkness Fear and triumph battle within A lifetime of hopes and promises Still waiting to be lived Even as twilight appears— Am I worth the effort? Am I worth being with? Knowing that […]

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