Your Life Mattered To Me

Sun Setting Behind Clouds with Water Reflection

I knit you in your mother’s womb

Each detail lovingly stitched and crafted

Every part intentionally placed and chosen

Including your beautiful black skin.


I made you to be like Me

To bear my image,

To rule and reign as my steward

In My likeness, I created you with delight

And I called you good.


My Spirit whispered “George”

And My breath of life was breathed into You.


You were dust, but divinely lavished with purpose

A God-breathed work created for My glory

Made by Me

Made for Me

You were My joy

And I loved you.


As you grew, I watched you…closely

I saw you as you ran with a football

I saw you as you laughed and joked with friends

I saw you as you struggled, as you fought, as you cried.


I saw you with your family

And My heart grew tender when your mother’s arms encircled you

“Love always hopes, always trusts, always perseveres

Love never fails.”

In momma’s arms, I knew you would always find love.

In momma’s arms, I knew you would always find Me.


Things weren’t easy for you

Pain and poverty and setback and second chances

At times you may have been your own worst enemy

But everyone falls short of My glory

And it moved Me that you acknowledged Me

That You knew My Word and held it in high esteem

I loved you, George Floyd…


You lay crumpled on that hard Minneapolis street

A policeman’s knee upon your neck

Crying for mercy, crying for momma

Begging for the breath I had given you

I know that you don’t understand

My ways are beyond human thought

But I was with you, George.

And I loved you, George.

Your life mattered to Me.


It still does.

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