You’re Worth It To Me

Song Bird - You're Worth It To Me

When you struggle to see yourself as God sees you…

(Song/Poem—like a prayer)
by Denise Goosby

The future is a whirlwind of darkness
Fear and triumph battle within
A lifetime of hopes and promises
Still waiting to be lived
Even as twilight appears—

Am I worth the effort?
Am I worth being with?
Knowing that destiny awaits…and He’s good

Leaning on me or leaning on You?
Too old for dreams
Who am I to become?
Is waiting all I’ll ever do?
Will promise and potential die with me?

As my flesh and my heart fail,
Oh, God I turn trembling to You.

The God Who see, The God Who understands
I haven’t been this way before
You say, ‘Believe I’m good.’
‘Believe I’m enough.’
‘Believe I’m in love with you.’
‘And be okay with that.’
‘You’re worth it to Me.’

I’m not afraid of your doubts
I’m not afraid of your fears
Your scars are precious to Me.
Your battles have become My own—
Know that I will never leave

Your God does all things well
Including loving you
Even in your trembling trust Me
I’m making your life beautifully new

I’m the God Who sees, The God Who understands
And I know you haven’t been this way before

Just…Believe that I’m good
And believe I’m enough
Believe…that I’m in love with you…
And be okay with that.

Believe I’m good
Believe I’m enough
Believe I’m in love with you…
Believe, You’re worth it to Me.

Let My blood and My scars prove to you
You’re worth it to Me.

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