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Scarred Like Him: Seeing The Beauty In The Life You Live

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“Damon Jones of Purpose Video Services produced this lovely mini movie that puts pictures to the words of Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live. Know that God’s loving power will touch your life–and will bring healing when and where you least expect it.”

Welcome to Denise’s Book Nook, where you will receive the latest information about current writing projects and new releases. In our journey of healing, God often gives us a ‘word in season’ as we travel our God-given paths to wholeness. May these books and articles serve as seeds of encouragement for you.

My Christian nonfiction book, “Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live,” is being typeset. The layout has begun. And once these have been completed, the book will undergo a final proofreading and be primed for printing! God’s baby is about to be born and offered to the world. Hallelujah!

The book will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and its publisher Redemption Press. You can find out about presales, special offers, and book launch events right here and on my social media handles.

My children’s book, “Thank You Daddy: A Tribute to My Girl Dad and Girl Daddies Everywhere,” is written, edited, and in the blessed and creative hands of an illustrator. The current timeline for publication is the end of September. Thanks to ” Ken” for doing the cover and illustrations.

Candle and Blanket

A loud shout out to Damon Jones of Purpose Video who filmed and edited the book trailers for “Thank You Daddy” and “Scarred Like Him.” You can see a sample of his work below.

I want to acknowledge Sia Sia of the Yaba TV Show. Yaba TV promotes small businesses and specializes in bridging the cultural divide between Africans and African-Americans in Southern California. An ad spot for this website and the forthcoming books have been running during her show on KCOP Channel 13 in Los Angeles. Sia Sia also interviewed me for her Yaba Radio Show on 94.7 The Wave in Los Angeles. It will air on July 25th at 7 a.m.

Both of these blessings are miracles of God. He sent them right to me. Authors don’t just end up on television and radio in Los Angeles..God is not just doing what’s hard. He’s not just doing what’s impossible. He’s doing the ridiculous. All glory belongs to Him!

Recently, I sat and chatted with Redemption Press Publisher, Athena Dean Holtz, about the writing journey and what I have learned and experienced.

About The Author

Denise was born and raised in Compton, California. Her childhood love of writing led her to get an English degree from Mount St. Mary’s College (now university) and a master’s degree in
Print Journalism from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She later worked for
the Paramount News Tribune Newspaper covering general and community news.

Denise has also been an educator in public and private schools for two decades. She grew up a preacher’s daughter, but came to faith later in life, and served in several ministries in the church she was saved and discipled in.

In 2018, Denise founded Healing Song Ministries (now ministry) to serve seniors, veterans, and
the hurting in South Los Angeles County. It is “music therapy for the heart and soul.”

Currently, Denise writes and sings on her blog, Denise’s Healing Journey at
It is there where she partners with her readers and listeners in word, song, and video to walk out our unique God-guided paths to healing and wholeness. It is also where you may inquire about
Denise’s singing and speaking engagements—and her proofreading, copyediting, mentoring, and one-day writing retreats for aspiring writers.

Denise enjoys spending time with friends, visiting museums and cultural sites, and cheering for her world champion childhood heroes the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers. She is single and living near Los Angeles.

She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope

I was privileged to join more than 25 veteran and emerging writers on the compilation book, “She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope.” The book shares our experiences with suffering, addiction, cancer, mental illness, and other challenges . A pastor’s wife shared with me how the book comforted her after the recent death of her son. Oh, what an honor to be able to encourage someone just when they need it. To be God’s hands and feet and messenger. There’s nothing like it. You can get a copy of the book by clicking here.

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