Seeds Along The Way

Seeds for Healing

As we walk this journey of healing, we’ll encounter seeds along the way. Divine pieces of revelation that point us toward health and wholeness. Some might call them nuggets or little treasures. I prefer seeds. Not only must you pick them up, you must plant them. Tend them. Water them. Bring them refreshment and nourishment.

That’s when they become golden treasure of infinite value.

I’d like to share one particular seed that I found in a book by Henri J.M. Nouwen called “You Are The Beloved: Daily Meditations For Spiritual Living.” I’ll let Nouwen share:

“Over the last few years, I have been increasingly aware that true healing mostly takes place through the sharing of our weakness. Mostly we are afraid of our weaknesses that we hide them at all cost and thus make them unavailable to others but also often to ourselves. And, in this way, we end up living double lives even against our own desires: our life in which we present ourselves, and to God as a person who is in control and another life in which we feel insecure, doubtful, confused, and anxious and totally out of control. The split between these two lives causes us a lot of suffering.”

A lot of suffering.

Nouwen believes that the only way to bridge the expanse between our inner and outer lives is through sharing their contents within a safe, caring community. It is acknowledging life’s struggles with others—with God—that can liberate us from our fears and help us live our best authentic selves. It is in the sharing of our weakness that the very community we need—and, in our heart of hearts seek—is created.

That’s why Denise’s Healing Journey exists.

It’s a place where courageous people can share their trials and triumphs, and know that there are other like-minded souls living within this broken world amidst broken people who will receive them and champion them.

We all need a hero.

And, in this place, through our words, comments, prayers, and presence we each have an opportunity to be a hero for someone else. Now, for me, here comes the hard part. Someone has to take the first step. Someone has to share their pain; their shortcomings, and their heartbreak. By God’s grace, I’ll be that someone. I’ll try my best to leave seeds from what I have experienced and learned along my own journey of healing for others. I pray that I will find what Nouwen did:

“Often I became aware of the fact that in the sharing of my weaknesses with others, the real depths of my human brokenness and weakness and sinfulness started to reveal themselves to me, not as a source of despair but as a source of hope…once I am able to confess my most profound dependence on others and on God, I can come in touch with my true self and real community can develop.”

So, let our beloved community of Denise’s Healing Journey of “every nation, tribe, and tongue” move forward on our journey of healing. And, take courage. If you know that you are not ready to give care and attention to this seed—or any seeds—that you encounter on your journey, don’t discard them. They could be for someone else. Just tuck them away in a safe place until the soil of your heart can receive them and use them and let them grow.

–Denise Goosby

Proverbs 4:23MSG “Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts.”

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