Healing Power of Humility

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“Half the Battle: Healing Your Hidden Hurts” by Jonathan Chasteen has some very poignant and interesting lessons about how healing can work in a person’s life. The idea of a person’s heart being prepared for healing by being willing to acknowledge personal issues, struggles, and offenses to God and others was particularly powerful. Although we seemingly suffer in isolation, the consequences of our pain affects those around us. Half the battle reminds the reader that a huge part of healing lies in humbling ourselves before God and a caring community. It is this posture of humility that enables us to receive the counsel, time, reflection, and personal steps needed to be healed.

The first part of Half the Battle contains great Bible teaching. Chasteen’s study on how God prepared the Israelites to conquer Jericho–and, thus, how healing manifests in those actively pursuing was insightful. Some of the imagery might be a little uncomfortable. But the information is rich.

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