“Everyone wants to be loved” by Denise Goosby Featured on LA South Connections

Everyone wants to be loved
The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book,
“Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live” by Denise Ann Goosby.

“Everyone wants to be loved.

Everyone wants to be accepted.
Everyone wants to be desired.
But what happens when that longing alludes you? What happens when the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual scars of living mark you as different? Someone who others feel may not deserve love, acceptance, and desire?
     What happens when you don’t fit society’s vision for what is beautiful—or your own?
     Scarred Like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live tells a story of how our outer and inner woundedness affects our identity, worth, and value in the eyes of others. And in the eyes of ourselves.”

Let us not let our wounds and scars blind us to the beauty God has given us.

Read the full article, “Everyone wants to be loved” on LA South Connections. CLICK HERE >>

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